Geosynthetics - Better Design & Management

Meeting your expectations with geosynthetics.....

GeoBDM stands for.... Geosynthetics Better Design and Management

The use of geosynthetics in infrastructure projects as a cost effective solution to many applications continues to grow, however so does their misuse and mis-management.

As a professional civil engineer with 12 yrs experience in geosynthetics , I offer asset owners , design consultants and contractors independant consulting services to assist them to ensure they get all the benefits they expect from properly incorporating geosynthetics into their project.

This is done by

  • researching different applications and solutions - to discover the truth on their suitability
  • assisting in selection of the right geosynthetic product
  • assisting in the correct specification and detailing of geosynthetics
  • offering independant QA for geosynthetic projects -  which may include Material QA , Construction QA

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