Geosynthetics - Better Design & Management

There are 4 main services offered are..

Geosynthetics consulting
This involves helping clients and consultants select and specify the right geosynthetics products for their projects. Products include - geotextiles, geomembranes, gabions, erosion control, geogrids.

Third Party CQA for Geosynthetics installations
Providing Construction Quality Assurance as an independant client's representative for proper sourcing, supply and installation of geomembranes, gcl's, geotextiles, gabions, erosion control products

Product Technical Evaluation
Researching, evaluating, planning and delivery of new geosynthetic solutions into infrastructure projects. Supervision of major geosynthetic projects.

Canal Lining - Personal Research
For the last 3 years I have conducted much research and continue to study canal lining systems with a focus on geosynthetic liners (flexible) vs concrete liners (rigid). Any information or experiences you may have in this area would be much appreciated.

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